A substantial part of the firm’s practice is providing counseling and litigation services relating to restrictive covenants and trade secrets. We regularly enforce and defend non-compete, non-solicit and non-disclosure agreements.


  • Drafting employment agreements and restrictive covenants.
  • Providing practical guidance to companies on active steps they can take to ensure restrictive covenants remain enforceable.
  • Assessing whether restrictive covenants were violated or trade secrets were misappropriated.
  • Providing guidance on detecting theft of proprietary business information.
  • Counseling businesses on hiring individuals who have restrictive covenants or possess proprietary business information.
  • Prosecuting and defending restrictive covenants, trade secret actions and other claims relating to unfair competition.


  • Convinced adverse party, a Florida-based insurance company, that its non-compete and non-solicit agreement with a former employee was unenforceable. Got the insurance company to confirm in writing that it would abandon any efforts to enforce the agreement against the former employee.
  • Filed suit on behalf of a leading national electrical supply company seeking a preliminary injunction and damages against a former sales executive and his new employer in connection with the sales executive’s non-compete and non-solicit agreement. Obtained a favorable settlement for the client shortly before the preliminary injunction hearing.
  • Filed suit seeking damages and an injunction on behalf of national home health care agency against several former employees and their new employer. Claims included, among others, breach of restrictive covenants, breach of fiduciary duty of loyalty, misappropriation of trade secrets and conspiracy. Obtained a very favorable settlement on the eve of the preliminary injunction hearing.
  • Filed suit on behalf of a hospital in Florida against one of its former physicians who started a competing practice less than five miles away. The lawsuit was based on the physician’s violation of her employment agreement that contained non-compete and non-solicit provisions. Prior to filing suit, the physician would not comply with the restrictive covenants. Obtained a very favorable settlement in favor of the client shortly after filing suit.
  • Obtained preliminary injunction in federal court on behalf of a regional distributor against one of its former executives. The injunction prohibited access to or continued use of confidential information that was taken unlawfully from the company’s computer system pursuant to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

The firm’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies and middle-market and high growth companies to entrepreneurs and individual executives. Cantrell PLLC seeks always to represent its clients efficiently and effectively. That statement is more than a mere platitude. To help ensure each client receives efficient and effective representation, the firm implements several policies and practices with respect to: (i) obtaining a client’s desired objective; (ii) fee structures; and (iii) responsiveness.

As a firm hallmark, the firm prepares a detailed strategy upfront for each client, always with an eye towards the client’s ultimate objectives. We know every part of a case we take on and do not lose sight of the big picture. That approach requires, however, that the firm limit the number of clients we represent at any given time. Again, Cantrell PLLC is not interested in attempting to serve any business for any matter. We instead handle only a select handful of cases that involve the firm’s core competencies.

We also pledge to always try to respond to clients within one business day, in addition to always keeping them abreast of developments. As any good attorney knows, the best resource to help win is always the client.

Finally, unlike other firms, Cantrell PLLC often structures fee arrangements that emphasize risk-sharing and efficiency. Such arrangements can provide an advantage over other firms that will not, or cannot, put their own skin in the game.