At Cantrell PLLC, we understand that trademarks are invaluable assets that help build and maintain a company’s hard-earned reputation in the marketplace – we help protect that reputation. The firm initiates trademark litigation and defends clients against such lawsuits. We litigate all trademark issues, ranging from trademark, service mark and trade dress infringement to cybersquatting, trade secret misappropriation and related forms of unfair competition.

The firm prides itself on partnering with clients to strategically resolve their trademark and brand disputes, including immediately jumping into action when litigation is needed. We handle all phases of litigation, including seeking emergency preliminary injunctions, declaratory judgements, trials and appeals.

The firm’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies and middle-market and high growth companies to entrepreneurs. Cantrell PLLC seeks always to represent its clients efficiently and effectively. That statement more than a mere platitude. To help ensure each client receives efficient and effective representation, the firm implements several policies and practices with respect to obtaining a client’s desired objective, fee structures; and responsiveness.

As a firm hallmark, the firm prepares a detailed strategy upfront for each client, always with an eye towards the client’s ultimate objectives. In the context of trademark infringement, often action must be taken immediately. Cantrell PLLC has substantial experience with seeking and defending injunction proceedings, negotiating successful resolutions with adverse parties when possible, and ultimately taking a case through trial and appellate proceedings.

Unlike other firms, Cantrell PLLC often structures fee arrangements that emphasize risk-sharing and efficiency. Such arrangements can provide an advantage over other firms that will not, or cannot, put their own skin in the game.