Cantrell PLLC has purposefully developed a strong emphasis on trade secret law. Confidential information is increasingly shared and stored digitally. More and more employees and contractors are telecommuting, file sharing through cloud-based storage providers, collaborating across multiple cities, and using tablets and mobile devices for work purposes. This has created challenges for companies seeking to protect their trade secrets and for companies trying to avoid receiving other companies trade secrets.

The firm prides itself at being at the forefront of protecting companies from trade secret misappropriation and related issues associated with former employees or contractors moving to a competitor or launching a competing business.


  • Counseling businesses on implementing policies and practices to protect confidential information and trade secrets, such as implementing privacy policies and restrictive covenants, limiting use of personal emails at work, applying technical protections for preventing unauthorized use of electronic business information, and employee training.
  • Drafting restrictive covenants, such as non-competes, non-solicits, and non-disclosures.
  • Providing guidance on detecting theft of proprietary business information.
  • Prosecuting and defending trade secret actions and other claims related to unfair competition.
  • Counseling clients on “onboarding” programs to mitigate liability risks associated with hiring employees or contractors that worked for a competitor. This includes navigating particularly sensitive or high-profile hires.
  • Counseling clients who are involved with joint ventures, affiliations, or discussions with other companies to ensure they take measures to protect confidential information exchanged during those relationships or discussions.

When it comes to trade secret issues, the firm’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies and middle-market and high growth companies to entrepreneurs and individual executives. Cantrell PLLC seeks always to represent its clients efficiently and effectively. That statement is more than a mere platitude. To help ensure each client receives efficient and effective representation, the firm implements several policies and practices with respect to: (i) obtaining a client’s desired objective; (ii) fee structures; and (iii) responsiveness.

As a firm hallmark, the firm prepares a detailed strategy upfront for each client, always with an eye towards the client’s ultimate objectives. In the context of trade secret disputes, often action must be taken immediately. Cantrell PLLC has substantial experience with internal investigations, negotiating successful resolutions with adverse parties, as well as litigating and taking a lawsuit through a preliminary injunction, bench or jury trials, and appellate proceedings.

Finally, unlike other firms, Cantrell PLLC often structures fee arrangements that emphasize risk-sharing and efficiency. Such arrangements can provide an advantage over other firms that will not, or cannot, put their own skin in the game.