At Cantrell PLLC, we handle an array of complex and high-value business disputes that leverage our core competency as a litigation boutique focused on competition law. Many law firms, large and small, claim they are the perfect fit for any business dispute a company or individual may have. The reality is that a firm’s depth of experience with respect to any business dispute is a function of the experience of its attorneys. Each attorney naturally has more or less experience with certain types of disputes. As a result, no attorney or firm can legitimately claim to be “the best” fit for every type of business dispute.

To be sure, the attorneys at Cantrell PLLC are certainly competent to handle commercial litigation of virtually any nature. We believe our clients are best served, however, by the firm primarily handling disputes that leverage its core competency as a competition law boutique. Because of that, clients will have a competitive advantage when using us for the following types of commercial litigation:

The firm’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies and middle-market and high growth companies to entrepreneurs and individual executives. Cantrell PLLC seeks always to represent its clients efficiently and effectively. That statement is more than a mere platitude. To help ensure each client receives efficient and effective representation, the firm implements several policies and practices with respect to: (i) obtaining a client’s desired objective; (ii) fee structures; and (iii) responsiveness.

As a firm hallmark, the firm prepares a detailed strategy upfront for each client, always with an eye towards the client’s ultimate objectives. We know every part of a case we take on and do not lose sight of the big picture. That approach requires, however, that the firm limit the number of clients we represent at any given time. Again, Cantrell PLLC is not interested in attempting to serve any business for any matter. We instead handle only a select handful of cases that involve the firm’s core competencies.

We also pledge to always try to respond to clients within one business day, in addition to always keeping them abreast of developments. As any good attorney knows, the best resource to help win is always the client.

Finally, unlike other firms, Cantrell PLLC often structures fee arrangements that emphasize risk-sharing and efficiency. Such arrangements can provide an advantage over other firms that will not, or cannot, put their own skin in the game.