In the proposed collective action lawsuit, Cantrell, PLLC represents multiple individuals who worked as “Account Executives” in Harmony’s Tampa office. As alleged in the lawsuit, their job duties were to conduct sales through cold calls to hospitals to determine whether the hospitals had any staffing needs that could be fulfilled by Harmony.


In 2018, Cantrell PLLC filed a lawsuit on behalf of a woman who previously worked for First Virginia Bank. In connection with her employment, she was a participant in an employer-sponsored pension plan. She worked for First Virginia Bank for over a decade, including in management positions.


Attorney James Fakhoury, with Cantrell PLLC, was recently interviewed by Tampa Bay’s Fox News 13 to discuss the subject of the U.S. Senate’s recent proposals to impose federal limitations on the use of work-place non-competes. The interview, which is informative for both employers and any workers with non-competes, can be viewed here: